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How Can I Do This?

PHASE I – Organize

1.  Get it clear in your head that you are sick and tired of both the ruling socialist parties, and that virtually all politicians operate on the principle that they only have two jobs:
(a) to get elected;
(b) to get re-elected.

You are now prepared to practice “Sniper Politics” and start knocking off those politicians who have no clue about the Constitution to which they take an oath to support and defend.  This is Phase I of “political guerilla warfare” that you are about to institute in your state, your county and your precinct.

2.  Owing no allegiance to any party, now you are free to start your own.  The ________________ (insert your own name) Party ought to be able to influence the votes of at least ten households, and frankly, that’s plenty, if properly managed.  (Ten households = 25 votes, on average.)  Have you ever wanted to vote twice?  Well!  Don’t be a piker!  Vote 25 times this election!  IF you will sign up ten households in the __________ Party, on the condition that each of them will get ten more households, you will then directly influence and cast approximately 25 + 250 = 275 votes, and if those 100 households were to get only five households more, you would influence another 500 households, or 1,250 more votes.  275 + 1,250 = 1525.  Politicians would kill to get that many votes.  So… watch your backside.  Keep a low profile, and stay armed.

This type of guerilla warfare as applied to politics should be, to paraphrase Nathan Bedford Forrest, “politics to the hilt.”  A scorched earth policy, leaving no incumbents in office, can be a powerful weapon, where you don’t care whom you elect, as long as you knock an incumbent out of office.  Of course, once you have a good candidate, in ANY party, you vote for him (I hope — because shoveling manure and running for office are two things Southern ladies should never have to do, but by golly, if the men won’t do it, it still has to be done).  Using the slogan, Spirit of ’76 – Re-elect NOBODY!” we must overcome our squeamishness and vote for the rattlesnake that is challenging the water moccasin.  That is to say, if the _________ Party were to endorse a challenger in five races, all within your state, and three of those candidates win, you can claim a 60% victory, and the incumbents can wonder what happened.

Some people call this “Sniper Politics”.  It appeals to a certain mentality.  For the same reason that snipers do not operate in large numbers, you cannot effectively manage a team of 500 people, but you CAN manage a team of ten, and they CAN repeat the process.  That stays within the effective “span of control” that we can all accomplish.  I submit that every high school student, properly motivated, can get ten votes for ANY candidate.

In the beginning, assuming the worst case scenario, that you don’t have a politician who understands that his job is to support and defend the Constitution.  The Oath of supporting and defending that document is meaningless to most of them.  If you happen to have a good one, he is exempt from the “scorched earth policy” that you are about to implement.

3.  Once you have ten team members who are willing to repeat this process, you have an obligation to them to keep them informed of who the best and worst candidates are.  (However, “the lesser of two weevils” no longer gets our votes!  Instead, if “the lesser of two weevils” is an incumbent, we vote for his opponent in Phase I of this war.

Your team also has an obligation to you.  (A) To inform you of the character of the individuals who are running, when they know; and (B) to Get Out The Vote at election time.  They simply must turn out ten voters to the polls, and then push their ten to get their own ten voters to the polls.  This is the push that overturn tyrants and places fresh crooks in office.  (Phase I)  We’re not naive.  Taking a mean bull to the auction barn, and introducing another, unknown younger bull, is not likely to improve the quality of your herd.  But when the old bull loses seniority, and the incumbent party loses a post they thought was secure, you have dealt an axe blow to the root of party politics in your district!  Enough of those epiphanies, and one of those parties (if not both) is going to realize that only the candidates who vote in line with the Constitution are not getting knocked off after one term!  At that point, they will begin to see the Light, and become cheerleaders for the Constitution.  And not until then.

Your first-level Team of Voters should not take more than one week to recruit, assemble, and educate.  Ten phone calls, and if they want to be a part of your “underground political party”, they will jump at the chance to come to your house for barbecue (or lobsters, if you live in Maine), and see who else is intrigued by this concept.

At your first meeting, you announce a second meeting in one week, to find out how much they have done.  That will be more of a business meeting, dealing with numbers.  You can easily get ten people in one week to do this, and I know, because I have done it.  And if you can do it, then they can do it.  “So… one week from tonight, Ladies and Gentlemen, we meet back here.  I don’t need their names — I don’t want their names.  But I do want you rock-solid numbers.  And I do want your back-up, your second-in-command, in case you are out of town when we need to get some action around here.”  After that, you meet monthly, and so does each of your organizers, with their own teams.  (Some of your team will like to use military ranks.  That works nicely.  An organizer of ten households should be installed, in front of the whole group, as a Sergeant.  When a Sergeant over a team of ten has a member who develops his own team of ten, then he may inform you, and you may promote your Sgt. to a Lieutenant, and the new organizer to Sgt.  This hierarchy is understood immediately by all veterans.)

PHASE II – Build strength

        You move to Phase II after effectively organizing a large number of voters in your county who are committed to “re-elect nobody” and to throw those rascals out.  Up to now, you and your ten friends have been simply voting for challengers over incumbents, because that’s about all you could do.  (The occasional Independent or third-party candidate should be the recipient of the full weight of your personal party machine.)

At this point, you begin recruiting your own candidates to run as Independents who can expect 1,000 votes just for running.  That’s because you have a machine — 1,000 voters who understand what they are doing.  (“Un-electing sycophants and idiots.”)  They began by freeing themselves from the ONE-party system that traditionally plays “good cop vs. bad cop” with them and scares them in to voting for the incumbent, on the argument that the challenger will be worse.  No, he will not.  Now they are beginning to see the impact of kicking incumbents out of office, and they start feeling their muscles.

Independent Candidates may not win, but they also may win, so you want to choose men (we hope) who are competent to SERVE in this elected office of trust.  What do they serve?  Merely “the People”, and that by supporting and defending the Constitution.  The Independent who gathers 1,000 votes in most county elections is going to have a distinct pleasure in watching the incumbent lose by fewer than 1,000 votes.  That is such a good feeling.  Yes, you will may well elect a rattlesnake, in the beginning.  But next election, you’ll un-elect him, and hopefully either win or elect a water moccasin to take his place.  They cannot stand this pace forever.

This means that YOUR OWN CANDIDATES must sign a pledge to always vote YEA on matters that are consistent with the Constitutional powers of their office, and NAY to those which are not.  This takes education, and one or more of these principles should be taught and ingrained at each monthly meeting.  These powers are different if they are in the State Legislature than if they are forced into the bondage of serving in Washington, DC.  They need to understand those powers going in.

Getting their attention:

        In the meantime, you invite your local state rep or independent candidate or challenger over for coffee or out to a dinner, along with your ten friends.  Tell him just that — “I have a few friends who want to talk to you about your campaign.”  Set it up at a local restaurant.  Then ask your ten friends to bring their ten friends.  This is the first surprise.

At that dinner, have your MC stand up and introduce your candidate(s), and then tell them, “We did not ask you here to give us a speech.  We’ve all heard enough speeches and lies from politicians to last us a lifetime.  We want to speak to you.  If you are elected, you will be required to take an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.  We are going to put you on notice that, if you cast votes that are not based upon the Constitutional authority, then we will be sitting here at the next election talking to your opponent.  That means you need to read, and understand, what the Constitution says.  (Give them their copy.)  Etc.

All they have to do is say, “I do,” or “I don’t.”  And they’ll know that we’ll be watching.

PHASE III – Taking the Hill

        At some point, you are going to gather enough numbers that (a) you will have a large pool from which to select your own high-quality candidates, and (b) enough votes to threaten to elect them.  That’s when the fun begins. More on that later.

“Spirit of ’76 – Re-elect NOBODY!