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All that is necessary for the triumph of evil
is for good men to keep electing Republicans
instead of Constitutionalists!

— Daniel New

Most of us are Independent, and Most of us are Conservatives

Mission Statement: to educate voters on how they can organize themselves and their friends, then vote as a group, confounding the experts by electing candidates whose loyalty to the Constitution exceeds loyalty to the party bosses.


There are three ways that a government can deal with religion in its school system. Promote one or more; ban one or more, accommodate one or more. What would you like to see as the policy in your state?

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The vast majority of Americans, if asked, will tell you that they are “Independents” and that they are “Conservatives”.  Obviously, they will define those terms in different ways, but Independent is perhaps the defining characteristic of the American citizen – or at least, it was for our first 150 years as a nation.

We have lost much of that independent nature, and in no small manner we’ve lost it due to what was once a two-party political system which has evolved into a ONE Party political system with two left wings!

The Democratic Party is the more honest of the two parties, because their platform today is blatantly Marxist in nature.  A simple comparison of Karl Marx and the Democratic platform will reveal that to any honest student.  Even though the Democratic Party was once filled with very conservative, anti-big government voters (who have been swindled by the Socialists and Utopians and Societal Engineers), it is ruled today a coalition of extremists of the radical lunatic fringe of the Left.  They have no regard for the basic, instinctive conservatism of the blue-collar worker, the farmer, the working man they once claimed to represent.

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The Republican Party, on the other hand, has a very conservative platform, but the elected public rulers (who ought to be public servants) are totally unconcerned with the platform – they are there for one reason, and that is to rule.  It’s all about POWER to the ruling elite of the Republican Party.   In reality, these “Neocons” are every bit as socialistic as their Democratic “opponents” in the elections.  They use the platform to fool conservatives into voting for “the lesser of two evils”, over and over.  And we keep falling for it.  Which results in greater and faster growth of big government, no matter which party is in power.  The movement is inexorably to the Left.

Well, to begin with, it leaves him without a political party.  He will find an occasional true conservative candidate in each party, and in each case, that individual will most certainly be at odds with his party leadership.  Senator Zell Miller, Democrat, and Representative Ron Paul, Republican, are excellent examples of that truth.

So… where does that leave the average Conservative?

If you are a principled Conservative (which is more than just an instinctive conservative), then you are forced to be an Independent, voting for the most conservative candidate you can find, and that’s only IF you can find one.

The bottom line is that we must start denying the existing ruling parties our automatic fealty and our votes, if we are to bring them to heel and get them to be responsive to the principles they claim to stand on when they are campaigning.  Since they can only be communicated with by winning or losing, they MUST begin to lose elections when phony conservative promises continue to be translated into socialistic legislation in Washington and in your state capital.

On this website you will find a plan which, if implemented, can help you take your county back, and start electing Constitutional candidates who will keep their pledge to their oath of allegiance, or they will be unemployed after one term.

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